zondag 21 juni 2009

dag 169, 170 & 171

dag 169: even lekker boos kijken!!
day 169: just looking very angry!
dag 170: Ons avond eten, chicken tonight
dag 170: Our dinner today...chicken tonight..

dag 171: eric ging wes in bed leggen en was daar zelf ook maar even bij gaan liggen,
en dus in slaap gevallen
dag 171: eric was laying wesley in his bed, and was just laying next to him for a few minutes he thought...it was an hour! :-)


4 opmerkingen:

  1. great pictures!

    My favorite is Dag 171 Eric and Wesley laying in bed. A shot full of closeness and love.

    wish you a great Sunday!

  2. Wes is so cute in 169, and yummy dinner! I can totally relate to 171 as my hubby does that all the time, I just leave him there lol then I get the bed to myself. ha ha

    Great pictures!

  3. Oooohhh wat lief dat ze samen liggen te slapen.
    Lekker spul is dat, die chicken tonight en vooral lekker makkelijk ook.